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Affordable Housing


Federal, state, and local government agencies, NGOs, and other organizations dedicated to the advocacy, funding, development, preservation, ownership, inspection, maintenance, and management of quality rental and owned housing that is affordable, safe, suitable and enhances respective communities. 

  • Federal housing grant programs

  • Housing authorities

  • Affordable housing councils

  • Community development corporations

  • Local/community partnerships for affordable housing

  • Coalitions of housing and neighborhood growth

  • Affordable housing developers associations

  • Tenant organizations and associations

  • Homeless coalitions

  • Fair housing centers

  • Alliances for home ownership

  • Affordable housing advocates

  • Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation


  • Capture and visualize the physical conditions to inform and empower decisions regarding affordable housing throughout the property life cycle

    • Provide a more relatable housing information basis for the general public (safety), property owners/builders (productivity), city/county building departments (accountability and compliance), and other public sector organizations (public safety, community services, etc.) to understand, collaborate and deliver more and better services to affordable housing recipients

    • Supplement property assessment and documentation to improve visibility, accountability, and compliance prior to or as a condition of subsidies being granted for rental units or construction/renovation activities

    • Capture housing conditions and assessments (annotating areas for remediation or abatement) to track progress and improve accountability

  • Support interactions with tenants, neighbors, and community members – Capture and document complaints by and for residents faster and with better information, to address health and safety issues and other areas of concern

  • Track facility infrastructure and operations through the visualization of smarthome and other sensors at a resident or broader facility-wide infrastructure level (See video here:)

    • Monitor building-wide infrastructure re: uptime and proper operation; (HVAC, water, air filtering, physical security, etc.) and generate alerts when fault indicators are triggered 

    • View readouts from smarthome and other low-cost sensor devices; monitoring by residents or other authorized persons for uptime (HVAC/temperature, locking community doors, smoke detectors, CO2, fire extinguishers, security cameras in common areas, flood indicators, etc.)

    • Capture and track energy savings and other sustainability investments or improvements 

  • Enhance presentations for legal/courtroom proceedings – Aid laypersons (judges, lawyers) to better comprehend site situations, and render appropriate and fact-supported decisions

  • Scan once – use multiple times - Help streamline information and outcomes, where the same models can be used across the affordable housing life cycle 

  • Benefit from other (broad public sector) scenarios and use cases – link here: Representative Use Cases – Applicable for Most Public Sector Organizations


  • Common sense – Our solutions are designed for the “built world”; affordable and subsidized housing has the common denominator of property, buildings, and spaces, where context, condition and site details matter

  • Risk avoidance - Operating without adequate visualization and context can result in process and procedure delays, and gaps in communication, understanding, and resolution between the various stakeholders involved in affordable housing rental, construction, or other delivery

    • Improve health and safety - Achieve improved quality and compliance in subsidized buildings and construction, with visualized evidence of conditions and progress (or lack thereof)

    • Accelerate abatement and issue remediation – (Some) inspection verifications can be performed or augmented remotely to verify compliance and other issues have been resolved, shorten stop work order periods, etc.

  • Execute affordable housing tasks with greater agility, ease, and affordability – Our solutions comprise advanced, fast, easy, and cost-effective tools to scan and produce interactive 3D models, which can be created by homeowners, builders, contractors, agency staff, or even high school/college students – for pennies per 3D model and delivered within a single day. 

  • Construction or maintenance project and progress visibility can be shared faster, for accelerated decisions and progress.

  • Enhance communication and collaboration – Achieve consensus between agency personnel, builders, and their community to be on the same (3D) page for better understanding, interaction, and go-forward improvements 

  • Improve in-house vs. field-deployed resource productivity – Save time (and gain cost-efficiencies) in reviewing site details remotely, to better balance work that can be performed in-house vs. field-deployed resources

  • Keep pace with technological change – Capabilities offered by 3D digital twins provide greater context and help increase productivity of the existing tools, team members, and enable local jurisdictions to remain competitive re: attracting investment and fostering population growth


  • Include as part of existing workflows and processes – Add scanning/capture of a building or space as part of the documentation process; a hyperlink to the model can easily be added to existing forms or digital workflows

  • Combine with other data sets re: visual overlays as to where budgets are spent, where injuries have occurred, and other KPIs for staff and contractors

  • Use 3D models for space planning and site reconfiguration/design

  • Interface with existing systems and workflows – 3D models can be included within case management systems, property funding and management workflows, and other organization and agency systems to improve context and documentation amongst all stakeholders


What Next?

Arcadus understands the affordable housing market and how 3D models can help improve your department/organization. <Click here> to connect with us, join one of our recurring complimentary “Workout Sessions” or schedule a 1:1 discussion re: your situation and objectives.

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