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Our Differentiators

How we are different.

Arcadus specializes in 3D “built-world” indoor and out digital twins to deliver digital transformation for public sector agencies, regulated organizations, and other security and compliance-driven organizations to provide capabilities that others don’t. Our solutions and capabilities leverage drones, terrestrial-based scanners (LiDAR, etc.) and other 3D capture and rendering technologies to support the visualization and augmentation of our physical world with a digital one.

Image – Cloud or on-premise delivery

Image – Merge Drone files with TLS (terrestrial) 

Cloud-compliant IaaS solutions (FedRAMP)

Our Key Differentiators:
  • Government procurement and contracting – Arcadus provides cost-effective approaches and convenient contract vehicles to enable large and small agencies alike to procure various 3D digital twin solutions/services. 

Most companies within the 3D digital twin technology space are focused on commercial markets and do not have the ability to transact business quickly or easily with government agencies. Arcadus offers easy-to-buy solutions and a range of federal, and state/local procurement-friendly contracts where we provide CLIN-based, or bundles solution alternatives for our government customers.


  • Full suite of industry-leading HW/SW solutions– We support various industry-leading providers and solutions (hardware, software, and support services), which can be procured through Arcadus as a convenient single-source provider.

Instead of entering different contracts with multiple companies, we can recommend and offer an integrated solution – and can manage the outcomes as well. This enables our customers to achieve a best-of-breed solution approach and mitigate complexities with managing multiple companies’ technologies, terms and conditions, etc. Additionally, we help to address vendor lock-in, a key concern for agencies and organizations seeking to mitigate risk re: proprietary technology and solutions.


  • Government security and compliance – We provide both on-premise AND compliant IaaS cloud-based solution environments

Agencies are different; by mandate they need to comply with various security, compliance and privacy re: how data is accessed, stored, shared, and archived. This applies to all electronic content, and spatial data is no exception.

Many commercial companies in the 3D digital twin space do not fully understand these requirements, and partner with Arcadus to deliver/maintain the solution integrity and compliance offered within our providers’ existing HW and SW, and also supplement where additional agency requirements need to be supported. Examples of certifications and accreditations that we support are:


  • Integrated data and Common Operating Picture (COP) – We offer capabilities that provide integrated and unified views from different applications, modes, formats, and files (such as combining drone data with terrestrial models, etc.) Additionally, we help departments and agencies aggregate and organize their spatial data to better understand, access, search, and utilize these important across their organizations.

Geospatial and 3D data are meant to be explored without boundaries. From above, across, indoor, and outdoor, the ability to combine content and context across different 3D models enriches the utility and experience of 3D models. <Click here> for a short video demonstrating an example capability re: combining drone footage with LiDAR land-based scans with minimal technical experience required


  • Tailored delivery models – We offer do-it-yourself (DIY) and turnkey managed services solution alternatives.

For agencies that have the existing geospatial staff and expertise, Arcadus provides discounted HW/SW procurement and gap support to address targeted needs. If a fully outsourced result is desired, Arcadus provides solution consulting and turnkey managed services, where our customers can focus on being consumers and users of the 3D models and services.

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