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Representative Use Cases

Applicable for Most Public Sector Organizations
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3D digital twins are still an emerging technology within the Public Sector. Arcadus aims to support familiarization and bridge adoption to enable agencies to realize the benefits of these compelling digital solutions. Public sector use cases can be specialized and sector-specific. 
There are broadly applicable use cases that are being adopted across various public sector markets that are likely relevant to your agency or organization. These include simulated/virtual training (within YOUR community’s spaces), integrated data and visualization, remote site visits and inspections, smartcities and environmental sustainability, health & safety, bid, and proposal augmentation, and integration/export to various existing 3D/BIM systems of record (Revit, Autodesk, and TwinMaker).

  • Simulated training environments – We offer the ability to scan any building or space, add workflow, and to deliver a digital/virtual training experience where the space becomes as important as the training activity within it. Visualization modes include desktop, mobile devices, and AR/VR/XR headsets – with no additional technology development required. 
    Accessible from anywhere, anytime simulated training is useful for new employee orientation, emergency planning for public safety, and situational awareness of remote facilities and spaces – options are as varied as your communities themselves. Arcadus enable users to “Train like you fight” – bringing training situations closer to a spatially accurate reality. Also the ability to record and review training sessions to incorporate feedback and modify training content helps to address knowledge gaps increases the value and effectiveness of on-line learning environments. <Click here> for a short video that demonstrates an example simulated training capability for first responders


  • Integrated geo-data visualizations – We offer capabilities that provide unified views from different applications, modes and formats and files (combine drone with terrestrial, etc.) Additionally, we help departments and agencies aggregate and organize their spatial data to better understand, access, search, and utilize these important across their organizations.
    Geospatial and 3D data is meant to be explored without boundaries. From above, outdoor, and within buildings and spaces – the ability to combine content and context across different 3D models enriches the utility and experience of 3D models. <Click here> for a short video that demonstrates an example capability where Arcadus is enabling our customers to combine drone footage with LiDAR land-based scans with minimal technical experience required.


  • Site and facility management – Arcadus supports all phases of the facility operational life-cycle, with value propositions that span across most activities and delivery requirements 

    • Support facility management and operations – Generate digital/updated as-builts, prioritize and address facility standardization, deferred maintenance, remote collaboration, and facilitate more efficient building maintenance

    • Conduct remote site visits and inspections - Avoid travel expense especially with sites that are distant from a central management office.  Arcadus offers the ability to gain situational awareness of virtually any site, anytime, within minutes. Also, locations can be scanned as often as required, enabling a timeline to be created to capture how a building or site evolved – especially if changes or renovations are planned to capture an as-built timeline/history of the site(s).

    • Align reality with inventory EAM/CMMS/BMS applications – Verify assets and building situation within 3D models compared with data recorded within enterprise applications, databases and other systems of record

    • Develop simulated and immersive training – Conduct facility operations instruction, other building-related virtual exercises and instruction

    • Ensure health, safety and compliance – Identify risk-prone facility areas for more overt caution marking, training, or site remediation

    • Improve emergency preparedness and disaster planning (ingress/egress, planning exercises, etc.)

    • Support employee/contractor orientation and onboarding – Visit any site on-line in 3D prior to setting foot within the actual facilities

    • Augment Bid and Proposal documentation – Include links to 3D facility twins to improve accuracy of contractor quotes/estimates where building size, construction, configuration or other physical attributes are key factors to evaluating vendor quotes for products/services.
      Photorealistic, dimensionally-accurate, and with easy annotation and linking, 3D digital twins provide viewers valuable context to any built-world space – Arcadus can save organizations valuable time and money to remotely access any site around the world. Agencies such as state and local building and permitting departments and construction divisions are leveraging this capability to perform site inspections, document as-builts, and support other site review and documentation. <Click here> for a short video that demonstrates how Arcadus supports facility management activities and operations.


  • Smart cities and environmental sustainability – Increased focus on energy efficiency and sustainable operations has changed how facilities and buildings are managed and operated. Remote visibility and control – facilitated by sensors and IoT devices with outputs can be visualized within a 3D building model – are extraordinarily useful to achieve agency sustainability objectives.
    Sensors are now part of a broad range of monitorable facility devices; from smoke alarms, temperature and humidity readers, CO2 sensors, asset tracking, air quality, vibration (for equipment), and other smart home/building devices can all be “tagged”, streamed, and captured for real-time viewing or analysis of data points over time. 3D digital twins can be useful for urban planners, support personnel as well as homeowners. <Click here> for a short video that demonstrates an example capability Arcadus offers to achieve an integrated smart facility dashboard.

  • Health & Safety – There were 5,190 fatal work injuries recorded in the United States in 2021, an 8.9-percent increase from 4,764 in 2020. Trips and falls account for most of home-related injuries, which are also on the rise. How homes and buildings are designed, constructed, and maintained; their physical characteristics; and the presence or absence of safety devices have many effects on injury, illness, and mental health. 
    For both occupational work safety or home-based incidents, many situations can be avoided with increased awareness, monitoring, training and other preventative measures. The more detailed a building or space can be viewed, shared or evaluated, the better accident avoidance can be planned and executed to minimize health and safety issues. Arcadus’ 3D models offer valuable context to these efforts, with the added benefit of capturing physical changes to a building over time to assess effectiveness of any building modifications.

  • Bid and Proposal Augmentation - Include links to 3D facility twins to improve accuracy of contractor quotes/estimates where building size, construction, configuration or other physical attributes are key factors
    Situations where various suppliers or providers propose products or services “in the blind” can produce inaccurate quotes, deliver equipment or assets that don’t fit the space, or result other inconsistencies, delays, protests, or worse. Sharing a 3D model as part of bid and proposal documentation promotes a universal understanding, removes ambiguity about the building or space, ensures greater parity across bidders and defensibility of the award from the government contracting office.

  • integration/export to various existing 3D/BIM systems of record (Revit, Autodesk, Building Management Systems (BMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) etc.) – Existing investments in legacy tools can be leveraged and notably improved with the advent of capabilities such as Arcadus’ 3D digital twin solutions. 


    Surprisingly, many of the most popular enterprise facility management applications lack a photorealistic visualization component, limiting the impact and effectiveness of these expensive and extensive technologies. Arcadus not only offers industry leading 3D digital twin model capabilities, but offers cost-effective approaches to interface or otherwise include these models within these software environments. <Click here> for a short video that demonstrates an example capability where Arcadus offers integration of 3D models within a popular EAM tool – Maximo, from IBM.


  • Another approach to system integrationis the ability to actively monitor sensor-based/IoT-enabled equipment, assets and facility characteristics within the 3D model. Status for uptime, vibration, oil pressure, air flow, temperature and other senor-based data streams can be read and presented within our 3D interactive facility models <Click here> for a short video of how our 3D models are integrated within AWS TwinMaker for public sector facilities

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