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Public Safety


(IMAGE/LOGO) First Responders - Police departments, fire departments, EMS/health care providers, school resource officers, sheriff’s offices, marshals, scene investigators, forensic analysts

(IMAGE/LOGO) Homeland Security – Border & immigration, critical infrastructure/security, emergency preparedness & management, diplomatic security

(IMAGE/LOGO) Justice officials – Prosecutors (and defendants), evidence presentation & management 


  • Need for modernized approaches – Our solutions help organizations achieve greater velocity and efficiencies in saving lives and protecting property

  • Execute with ease and affordability – Our solutions provide fast, easy, and cost-effective tools to scan and produce interactive 3D models, which can be produced by officers/firefighters (even “probies”), technicians, and even citizens of the community

  • Constrained budgets – Our solutions are delivered at a fraction of the cost of current hardware and software environments, and have ease of use where they can be used “right out of the box”

  • Rising incident rates – Our solutions are scaleable, as we understand crime and fire events are on the rise, especially regarding major incidents

  • Personnel constraints – Our solutions help departments streamline operations, and appeal to younger generations to add to the workforce

  • Speed to desired outcomes – Our solutions can scan whole buildings in minutes, and deliver full-featured 3D models the same day; this translates to less disruption for accident documentation and reconstruction, faster processing of crime scenes, and other efficiencies in managing heavy caseloads

  • Improved health and safety – Our solutions minimize the need for DAs and others to visit crime and fire scenes in person which

    • enhances safety

    • maintains scene integrity

    • and enables anyone (investigators, jurists, etc.) to visit the scene anytime in the future

  • Keep pace with technological change – Our solutions have capabilities to provide greater context and help prevent, prosecute, or prove how events occurred

  • Improved courtroom impact – Our solutions bring judges and juries into the scene in a more immersive way to improve context, impact, and the likelihood of desired outcomes


  • Simulated and immersive training – Conduct exercises in 3D using dimensionally-accurate replicas of actual buildings and spaces within their communities; “Train like you fight” takes on new meaning and impact.

  • Safety and compliance inspection documentation (fire marshals, etc.)

  • Emergency preparedness and disaster planning (ingress/egress, planning exercises, etc.)

  • Community Risk Reduction (CRR) – Perform via safety personnel evaluating digital 3D models provided by homeowners

  • Post-incident forensic/crime scene capture - Scan scene locations more comprehensively and faster than with conventional LiDAR/other technologies

  • Integration and augmentation with 911 CAD – Push 3D content to onboard vehicle systems to view models en route to incident locations

  • Public relations – Publish “Visit your community firehouse” and similar content, where remote online access to 3D models can be part of a public outreach effort

  • Benefit from other (broad public sector) scenarios and use cases – link here: Representative Use Cases – Applicable for Most Public Sector Organizations


  • First on-scene - Scans can be performed by personnel that are first to arrive on a call; even using their smartphone - vital early-stage incident context can be captured in 3D that may help investigation and case-making

  • More effective scene technicians – Faster, more comprehensive scans can be taken with more portable cameras, providing more immediate scene capture for crime or fire scenes that may need it

  • Easier Collaboration - All models are photorealistic, dimensionally accurate to within cm (or even mm) accuracy, and can be annotated and shared by sending a secure hyperlink

  • Public Safety Fusion Centers – Where these organizations exist, 3D digital twins can be an important data set to incorporate and leverage

  • Interface with existing systems and workflows – 3D models can be included within GIS, case management, 911 CAD, and other public safety system applications – where implementation can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of other system integration efforts. (Arcadus can develop and deliver these SW integrations to your organization’s legacy systems.)

What Next?

Arcadus understands public safety organizations, objectives, constraints, and how 3D models can help improve your department/organization. <Click here> to connect with us, join one of our recurring complimentary “Workout Sessions” or schedule a 1:1 discussion re: your situation and objectives.

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